Flash Release is a FREE software designed to solve the new IE (Internet Explorer) activex restriction. This new security policy forces the user to activate any embedded flash document in the page with a click or by pressing the spacebar or the return key. You can read more about this feature at http://support.microsoft.com/kb/912945.

Flash Release embeds the flash documents via Javascript, bypassing the IE security measures. This strategy has been recommended by Adobe/Macromedia.

Flash Release will run trough all the documents in your site with one click, checking which of them have unprotected flash documents. The next step is selecting among these files which ones should be processed. Last, click "process" and the program will make all the work for you.

Flash Release automatically makes backup ".old" files for every edited document, so you can't loose a thing in the process.

If you add flash movies to an "already protected" site, there's no problem, Flash Release will identify any new Flash movies, leaving the protected ones untouched.

This software was kindly made available to Flashloaded for distribution. For more information on this software and if you wish to contribute a donation to its developers please visit www.flashrelease.com

Windows 2000/98/ME/NT/XP or Windows Server 2003.

Note: You must have .NET framework 1.1 installed for this software to work correctly. The installer will check for it. If you do not have this you can download it here.
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