Various Flash Components

3D pie charts for Flash with interactivity and mouse control rotation.
Place trackable rotating banner adverts on your Flash websites. Includes a backend admin panel with statitics.
Creates simple Flash poll voting systems with a single question and multiple answers. Data is stored in an XML file, without the need for a database. Uses browser cookies and Flash's shared object to prevent voting more than once.
A set of five Flash chart components: Includes barChart, pieChart, lineChart, stackedPercentChart and legend. The chart data is XML driven.
A highly flexible system for recording feedback from visitors to your websites. The component is deployed on the server side using PHP and MySQL with the resulting messages displayed within the Flash movie.
An easy to use, light weight Flash component that displays tweets from single or multiple Twitter feeds. It's fully customizable and skinnable. Includes auto scroll or built-in scrollbar and optional retweet button.
Display live RSS newsfeeds on your Flash websites. Customizable display options.
The Style Manager is a panel extension for Adobe/Macromedia Flash that allows you to create and then apply styles to text fields and movie clips. Consistent styling can easily be applied across any number of documents.
Use this tool inside Flash to expand the text editing capabilites on static textfields, such as formatting and inserting special characters.