ultimateScroller PRO
This is the PRO version of the ultimateScroller component, rewritten for ActionScript 3.0 with several additional features and enhancements. An easy to use, drag and drop Flash scroller that can scroll movie clips and dynamic text fields. Includes drag scrolling, easing, motion blur, mouse wheel scrolling and CS3/CS4/CS5 skinning.
Available for ActionScript 3.0.
Price: $39.95 $24/Buy now       Upgrade from standard version: $29.95 $10/Buy now
ultimateScroller PRO
ultimateScroller PRO features
Scroll movie clips or dynamic textfields NEW
Simply place the content inside a movie clip or dynamic textfield and enter the movie clip/textfield instance name as the scroll target.
Drag and drop
Simply drag and drop the ultimateScroller PRO alongside a target, enter the instance name and you're set to go. Change the parameters to suit your needs through the Component Inspector.
Built-in optional easing effect with choice of speeds (low, medium, high, custom, none).
Mask on/off
Use the built-in mask to automatically confine the displayable contents to the scroll area, or switch the mask off and use your own mask instead.
Motion blur NEW
Add motion blur to the content while easing. The amount of blur is adjustable.
Drag scrolling NEW
Option to allow users to click and drag on the scrollable content instead of using the scrollbar. The drag direction can be reversed.
Mouse wheel scrolling NEW
Includes built-in mouse wheel scrolling support (when not in a scrollable browser window).
Arrow scrolling NEW
Option to allow users to scroll the content by using the keyboard arrow keys.
Auto hide NEW
The scroller can be set to hide automatically when there is not enough content to require a scroller.
Horizontal/Vertical scrollbar
This scroller works with either vertical or horizontal scrolling or both simultaneously.
CS3 style skinning NEW
Double click on the ultimateScroller PRO that's on the stage to edit the skin by changing the colors or each element or create your own skin.
Choice of built-in skinnable 3D style and plain line borders or no borders at all.
Adjusts to movie clip size automatically
Automatically adjusts to the size of the scrollable movie clip as the movie clip changes size and content. This is particularly useful for movie clips containing dynamic content.
Scrolls pixel fonts
Scrolls on the whole pixel, ensuring that pixel fonts are kept crisp and clear at all times. Simply place the textfield and movie clip on the whole pixel.
Full dynamic control through Actionscript
Attach the scroller to your movie clips dynamically and control all of the properties through ActionScript. Useful built-in commands such as scrollToTop and scrollToBottom.
Customizable bottom buffer area
Set the scroll buffer to add more white space to the end of the scrolling movie clip.
Only 14kb!
Super light weight.
The user friendly CS3 style skinning options of the ultimateScroller PRO
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Component Inspector
The flexible built-in settings in the Component Inspector
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Adobe Flash CS3/CS4/CS5 for authoring (Windows or Mac). Movies using this component may only be published for Flash Player 9 or 10, ActionScript 3.0.

Price: $39.95 $24/Buy now       Upgrade from standard version: $29.95 $10/Buy now
ultimateScroller PRO
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