A fun, interactive way to display images or animated SWF's, with a choice of liquid easing effects. The content can be displayed as an automated slideshow and can contain titles, descriptions and links. This Flash component is available for ActionScript 3.0 only (Flash CS3, CS4, CS5).
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liquid gallery
Content fed through XML
Displays images and animated SWF's. The content, titles, descriptions and links are fed through external XML file, making it possible to edit the content without republishing the SWF.
Built-in preloader
Includes a built-in customizable preloader. The preloader can be set to load all of the content before displaying anything, or to display an animated preloader while each item loads.
Built-in slideshow
Images can be displayed automatically in slideshow mode, with adjustable timer settings. The content can appear in their pre-defined or random order.
Choice of easing effects
Choose between 4 built-in easing effects, regular, bounce, back and elastic, with adjustable speed setting.
Adjustable size and spacing
The gap between the content in grid mode can be set as well as the pixel size that they compress down to when revealing the large content. Images can either stretch to fill the area or maintain their aspect ratio, with a choice of filler background color and opacity. This makes it possible to display both portrait and landscape images together.
Unlimited backgrounds
The background is transparent, which allows you to place a solid background color behind the component or to let the stage background show through.
ActionScript events
Includes built-in ActionScript events which are triggered when clicking, selecting and unselecting an element. These events can be used, for example, to show the titles or descriptions of the content, or to open a URL.
Light weight
The component adds just 20kb to your published SWF file size.
The liquidGallery Component Parameters/Component Inspector settings:

Adobe Flash CS3, CS4 or CS5 for authoring (Windows or Mac). Movies using this component may only be published for Flash Player 9 or 10, ActionScript 3.0.

Price: $29.95/Buy now
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