Flash Twitter component
flashTweets is an easy to use, light weight Flash component that displays tweets from single or multiple Twitter feeds. It's fully customizable and skinnable with support for XML. Includes auto scroll, or built-in scrollbar and optional retweet button. Available for ActionScript 3.0 only.
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The look of the component is fully customizable, including text, colors, size and number of tweets.
You can display your own optional logo and background.

Note: Twitter have been experiencing intermittent problems lately with DOS (denial of service) attacks, which is causing connection problems to their server. If you see a constant spinning preloader, please return to view this demo later.
Key features
Display single or multiple feeds
You can choose to display the feed from one Twitter account or the combined feeds from several accounts. The feeds are displayed in descending chronological order. Feeds can be defined using XML, or the Component Inspector.
Customizable number of tweets
The total number of tweets to display initially can be set in the component inspector.
"Show More" and "back" buttons
An optional link/button can appear at the end of the list to "show more" tweets than the ones originally specified. The "back" button allows to be returned to the original list, when viewing the tweets of a specific account.
Automatic refresh
The component can be set to refresh the list of tweets after a specified number of minutes. This is done transparently, without reloading the Flash page.
Auto scroll or built-in scrollbar
The list of tweets can be scrolled by moving your mouse up and down using the auto scroll option, or using the built-in skinnable scrollbar. You can also use your own movie clip scrollbar.
Fully skinnable & customizable
The look and position of the icons, text and links can be customized, including roll over colors, with an option to underline links on rollover. All elements are optional. They can be added or removed, depending on your desired look.
Optional retweet button
A retweet button is automatically displayed in each tweet. Clicking on this button will open Twitter in a browser where you can login to retweet the tweet.
Clickable links
Links included in tweets are clickable. Clicking on an @twitter account name in a tweet will display the tweets from that account. Clicking on an account avatar or twitter name will show the tweets from that account only.
This screenshot shows the parameter settings in the Component Inspector for the flashTweets component.
Click to view

Adobe Flash CS3, CS4 or CS5 for authoring (Windows or Mac). Movies using this component may only be published for Flash Player 9 or 10, ActionScript 3.0.

The server on which flashTweets in installed must support either PHP 4.0 or higher (with support for CURL), or asp.net.

 Price: $24.95 $17/Buy now
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