Flash Menus & Navigation Components

Create rotating interactive 3D boxes and 3D books from flat elements.
The 3DEnvironment is a Flash component that allows you to build 3D interactive interfaces and environments in Flash. Built-in depth and perspective effects create the illusion of three dimensions.
Create cutting edge 3D style menus or ingenious navigation systems with mouse interactivity in Adobe Flash.
Scroll between elements, images or movie clips either horizontally or vertically.
A fully customizable Flash menu with a bounce effect and custom cursors. Create both vertical and horizontal menus.
Create 360 degree interactive 3D objects from a series of multiple still images.
Add vertical and horizontal two-level menus to your Flash websites. Works with XML.
Create and deploy entire Flash websites, widgets, banners or slideshows with flip transitions, using images, SWFs and movieclips, with no coding. Flip effects include easing, bounce and blur.
A thumbnail based navigational system or a portfolio/photo gallery in a grid or pyramid style layout. The thumbnail content is clickable and zooms in to display the selected full size content while the other thumbnails are pushed aside.
A docked icon menu system that magnifies and moves with mouse interaction. Similar to the Mac OSX icon bar.
The pageFlipper component provides multiple ways of creating a realistic page turning effect from movieclips and images. This enables magazine style browsing through your content.
Add scrollable dropdown menus to your Flash websites without any coding. Define menu items in the component panel or dynamically through ActionScript.
Displays a large number of images or menu items in a limited space with the option of adding captions to each image. Horizontal or vertical display and scrolling.
Dynamically updatable menu. Fully customizable, with 7 built-in effects to create a different look for each project.
Display multiple thumbnails horizontally or vertically with mouse interactivity.
Display multiple thumbnails horizontally or vertically with mouse interactivity. Includes endless scrolling, slideshow and built-in XML capabilities.
Add a multiple nested menu navigation system to your Flash websites. Menus can be built using the component inspector, ActionScript or external XML file.