The advancedTree is a fully skinnable tree component which allows advanced Flash developers to display a nested, hierarchy of data (provided as XML) in a branching folder structure. The nodes can be dynamically added, edited, deleted, dragged and dropped within the structure or between multiple advancedTree instances. The developer has full control over the level of user activity, graphics (complete look and feel) and animation.
AS2: $49.95/Buy now     AS3: $64.95/Buy now     AS2/AS3: $74.95/Buy now     AS3 upgrade: $25/Buy now
tree flash
This example shows how you can drag and drop nodes between multiple instances of the component.
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tree component flash
This example shows how this component can be used to create an image viewer, allowing for easy categorizing of the images under specific nodes.
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tree menu flash
This example shows how the tree can be adapted to work as an accordion menu.
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XML driven tree
Fully skinnable: In this example, the tree appears to be sketched on a piece of paper.
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customizable tree component
The scripting capabilites allows for full control. This example demonstrates how you can dynamically create, edit and duplicate new nodes and items in the tree as well as assigning attributes to them.
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  • Externally updatabale through XML
  • Dynamically add, edit, delete and drag nodes
  • Drag nodes between multiple advancedTree instances
  • Option to allow users to copy nodes between trees
  • Full control over graphics, styles and layout
  • Specify graphics per node type
  • Full control over level of user interactivity
  • Choice of animation types, speed and easing
  • Built-in memory for last position
  • Optional built-in tooltip display
  • Optional connector display
  • Editable nodes
  • Per node/node level graphics, styles and properties
  • Memento feature which allows for easy undo/redo functionality
  • Multiline node support
  • Contextual menus that can be dynamically determined per node
  • Support for external functions to determine the names of node labels
  • Graphics can be created using either library symbols or external class files
  • Simplified theming and styling
Flash tree
Screenshot of the Component Inspector panel in Flash.
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advancedTree-AS2: Macromedia Flash MX 2004/Flash 8 or Adobe Flash CS3/CS4/CS5 for authoring (Windows or Mac). Movies using this component may be published for either Flash Player 7, 8, 9 or 10, ActionScript 2.0. Advanced knowledge of ActionScript 2.0.

advancedTree-AS3: Adobe Flash CS3, CS4 or CS5 for authoring (Windows or Mac). Movies using this component may only be published for Flash Player 9 or 10, ActionScript 3.0. Advanced knowledge of ActionScript 3.0.

AS2: $49.95/Buy now     AS3: $64.95/Buy now     AS2/AS3: $74.95/Buy now     AS3 upgrade: $25/Buy now
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