Flash Components

Flash components extend the functionality of Macromedia / Adobe Flash by providing an easy way to enhance your Flash websites with stunning Flash effects, menus and full navigational systems - requiring little or no Flash ActionScript knowledge. These Flash components or Flash extensions are installed in the Adobe or Macromedia Flash authoring environment (IDE).

To use these products you need to have Flash MX, Flash MX 2004, Flash 8 or Flash CS3 - please check each product for their specific requirements. All products are cross platform, meaning that they will work the same on Mac and Windows. All products include free online support by qualified support technicians, including our development team.

Add 360 or 180 panning to your images or SWF files with built-in distortion for image depth, interactive zoom, panning and advanced hotspot capabilities. New AS3 version now available.
3D Sphere
Displays images on an interactive 3D Sphere using the Papervision3D engine. Includes different opening animation effects as well as full mouse interactivity.
3D Spiral
displays images on an interactive 3D rotating spiral using the Papervision3D engine. Obtain different layouts by changing the height and width of the spiral. The viewer can scroll, move up/down and zoom the spiral freely.
3D Square
Displays images on an interactive 3D rotating square using the Papervision3D engine. Different looks can be obtained by setting the number of rows of images to display.
3D Stack
Displays images in a 3D stack formation. The stack's direction can be straight or curved with over 70 customizable parameters. Images can be defined through XML, in the Component Inspector, ActionScript, or from a Flickr feed.
3D Tunnel
An interactive way to display images within a 3D tunnel. End users can zoom in and out of the tunnel and rotate it. Clicking on thumbnails loads corresponding large images with a choice of animation styles and easing.
3D Vertical Wall
Displays images on an engaging interactive vertical 3D wall using the Papervision3D engine. The PRO version can also display FLV videos and SWF's, with a several additional features.
3D Wall
Displays images on an engaging interactive 3D wall using the Papervision3D engine. Includes the option to display the wall flat or at any curvature to create a truly unique look.
3D Wall Pro
Displays images, videos and SWFs on an engaging interactive 3D wall using the Papervision3D engine. Includes the option to display the wall flat or at any curvature to create a truly unique look.
Load SWF files or images into your Flash websites without any coding. Includes a variety of built-in loading and unloading effects.
This PRO version of our advancedLoader component has built-in slideshow capabilities, over 40 cool effects, the ability to load images through an XML file, an option to add links to images and several more new and exciting features.
Display news items on your websites using scrolling ticker text fed through an external file or XML.
Display news or promotional text or images with 6 built-in transition effects. Feed the data through an external text or XML file.
A fun, interactive way to display images or animated SWF's, with a choice of liquid easing effects. The content can be displayed as an automated slideshow and can contain titles, descriptions and links.
Displays multiple images with a stack effect, perspective and reflection. Images can be flipped by clicking on a specific image in the stack, using the supplied skinnable scrollbar, or scrolling the mousewheel. Includes XML support.
This PRO version of our photoFlow components displays multiple images, SWF's, FLV and YouTube videos with a flip stack effect, perspective, tilt and reflection.
Displays a collection of images in a random layout and angle. The viewer can rearrange the layout by clicking and dragging the images or by pressing the optional reshuffle button.
A multifunctional Flash gallery that can display RSS feeds, images, SWF's and FLV videos on an interactive tiltable wall. Great for website navigations and portfolio websites.
A powerful Flash photo gallery with flexible thumbnail options, transition effects, and navigation controls. Photos can be categorized into galleries and include descriptions.
Create rotating interactive 3D boxes and 3D books from flat elements.
The 3DEnvironment is a Flash component that allows you to build 3D interactive interfaces and environments in Flash. Built-in depth and perspective effects create the illusion of three dimensions.
Create cutting edge 3D style menus or ingenious navigation systems with mouse interactivity in Adobe Flash.
Scroll between elements, images or movie clips either horizontally or vertically.
A fully customizable Flash menu with a bounce effect and custom cursors. Create both vertical and horizontal menus.
Create 360 degree interactive 3D objects from a series of multiple still images.
Add vertical and horizontal two-level menus to your Flash websites. Works with XML.
Create and deploy entire Flash websites, widgets, banners or slideshows with flip transitions, using images, SWFs and movieclips, with no coding. Flip effects include easing, bounce and blur.
A thumbnail based navigational system or a portfolio/photo gallery in a grid or pyramid style layout. The thumbnail content is clickable and zooms in to display the selected full size content while the other thumbnails are pushed aside.
A docked icon menu system that magnifies and moves with mouse interaction. Similar to the Mac OSX icon bar.
The pageFlipper component provides multiple ways of creating a realistic page turning effect from movieclips and images. This enables magazine style browsing through your content.
Add scrollable dropdown menus to your Flash websites without any coding. Define menu items in the component panel or dynamically through ActionScript.
Displays a large number of images or menu items in a limited space with the option of adding captions to each image. Horizontal or vertical display and scrolling.
Dynamically updatable menu. Fully customizable, with 7 built-in effects to create a different look for each project.
Display multiple thumbnails horizontally or vertically with mouse interactivity.
Display multiple thumbnails horizontally or vertically with mouse interactivity. Includes endless scrolling, slideshow and built-in XML capabilities.
Add a multiple nested menu navigation system to your Flash websites. Menus can be built using the component inspector, ActionScript or external XML file.
An advanced collapsible tree component. Feature packed. Fully skinnable and customizable. Can be used for navigation, menus, drag and drop, and more.
Bit Component Set
A set of 32 UI components for Flash MX 2004 and Flash 8. Very light weight and easy to style.
A Flash color picker with basic and advanced modes which include HEX, RGB, CMYK and HSV formats as well as a built-in eyedropper tool. Users can create and save their own color palettes for each instance of the colorPicker.
Transfer data by dragging and dropping items between lists or drop items onto a designated area to obtain more information on the item.
Easy solution for creating and submitting forms in Flash without the hassle of coding and scripting.
A set of switches, buttons and digital/anologue meters. Useful for adding controllers and monitors to your Flash applications or websites.
Add count up/count down timers to your Flash websites. Includes both time based and non-time based timers. Can be used for special annoucements or events.
The flashTooltip component allows you to easily add a descriptive window that appears when the user moves their mouse over Flash buttons or movie clips. The tooltip may contain text, images or SWF's.
The AS3 version of our flashTooltip. This component allows you to easily add a descriptive window that appears when the user moves their mouse over Flash buttons or movie clips. The tooltip may contain text, images or SWF's.
Load, scale and manipulate images or SWFs in Flash without any coding. Includes a built-in preloader.
Add a windowing system for multiple documents. Content can be loaded from the library or externally. Control the window look and display.
Create multiple column text layouts on your Flash websites. Customizable column display options.
The perfect solution for playing a loaded Flash movie or a particular movie clip at a different FPS (frames per second) to your main movie.
Easy to use fully customizable scroller with easing.
ultimateScroller PRO
The PRO version of the ultimateScroller component, designed for ActionScript 3.0 with several additional features and enhancements. An easy to use, drag and drop Flash scroller that can scroll movie clips and dynamic text fields.
This versatile preloader can be used to load the root timeline, external SWFs, images or XML files without any coding. Includes multiple styles.
Dynamically updatable event calendar. Fully customizable and skinnable. Works with recurring events as well.
A Flash Content Management System that allows you to update text, images and SWFs directly on a live Flash website without ever leaving your browser window.
Update text and images directly on a live Flash AS 3.0 website, without ever leaving your browser window. Includes a built-in slideshow, an automatic thumbnail generator and a pagination component as well as the ability to edit the content of other Flashloaded components.
This pro version of our fCMS component is a full Flash Content Management System which allows you to design, edit and update your web pages without ever leaving your browser window. It also includes a template system to add/delete pages.
Create powerful Rich Internet applications and Flash content management systems with our set of powerful text editing and image management Flash components.
A fully skinnable and customizable Flash video player component that allows you to control playlists and automatically progressively download FLV videos (or stream FLV videos using the flvPlayerPRO-Stream). Includes XML support.
Easily add interactive hotspots to your Flash Video without embedding a heavy .flv into your SWF file, taking full advantage of the FLV format's streaming capabilities.
Plays mp3 sound files and flv videos on a fully customizable and skinnable media player, with skinnable sound spectrum and playlist. Videos can also be played in full screen mode. Available for ActionScript 3.0 (Flash CS3 & CS4) only.
Plays your sound files (.mp3's) from a playlist. Enter playlist in the properties panel or feed dynamically through XML. Fully skinnable.
Bring light and life to your Flash movies with the AuroraFX Flash component. Create a myriad of effects using the customizable settings for strength, lifetime and particle type.
Creates an unlimited number of high quality text effects in Flash. Includes an easy to use custom interface with real time preview. Customizable scale, position, rotation, opacity, tint, blur and glow.
Partigen 2
Create complex particle effects in Flash with just a click. This real time Flash engine creates realistic effects such as fire, smoke, explosions, sparkles, water, and many more. Each particle is made within Flash at runtime with zero render time.
Create exciting random vector line effects without adding weight to your files. Change the colors, speed, angle, thickness, opacity and quantity of the lines.
3D pie charts for Flash with interactivity and mouse control rotation.
Place trackable rotating banner adverts on your Flash websites. Includes a backend admin panel with statitics.
Creates simple Flash poll voting systems with a single question and multiple answers. Data is stored in an XML file, without the need for a database. Uses browser cookies and Flash's shared object to prevent voting more than once.
A set of five Flash chart components: Includes barChart, pieChart, lineChart, stackedPercentChart and legend. The chart data is XML driven.
A highly flexible system for recording feedback from visitors to your websites. The component is deployed on the server side using PHP and MySQL with the resulting messages displayed within the Flash movie.
An easy to use, light weight Flash component that displays tweets from single or multiple Twitter feeds. It's fully customizable and skinnable. Includes auto scroll or built-in scrollbar and optional retweet button.
Display live RSS newsfeeds on your Flash websites. Customizable display options.
The Style Manager is a panel extension for Adobe/Macromedia Flash that allows you to create and then apply styles to text fields and movie clips. Consistent styling can easily be applied across any number of documents.
Use this tool inside Flash to expand the text editing capabilites on static textfields, such as formatting and inserting special characters.