Add 360° or 180° panning to your images or SWF files, with optional displacement to add depth to 360° images. This Flash component includes interactive zoom, panning and advanced hotspot capabilities. The advanced hotspots feature makes this a perfect tool for navigation and product presentations. Available for ActionScript 2.0 or ActionScript 3.0 (new).


360PanViewerPRO-AS3 - $59.95 $27  |  Buy now
AS2: $49.95 $24  |  Buy now          AS2+AS3: $79.95 $37  |  Buy now          AS2 to AS3 upgrade: $20 $10  |  Buy now
Images, SWFs and movie clips
Pan images, SWFs or movie clips with the option for 360° or 180° (flat) panning.
3D depth
Add pseudo 3D depth to your images by adjusting the image displacement angle and the amount of distortion.
Dynamic hotspots
Add hotspots for navigation or to provide more information to the user.
Zoom capabilities
Zoom images in and out using your own custom zoom buttons.
Full XML support
The image name, all parameters and hotspots can optionally be defined through XML file, without editing the published SWF.
Fully customizable
All icons, pointers and the built-in preloader can be customized to suit your desired look.
Panning options
Images can pan automatically after a specified delay. Mouse panning can be set to act on mouse over or press.
Full ActionScript API
All of the parameters and hotspots can be set and dynamically changed through ActionScript.
Light weight
Adds very little to the size of your file:
AS2:9Kb - AS3:18Kb
Full screen option
An optional full screen button can appear in the top right corner of the image, to pan the image at full screen.
No 2880px limit
Overcomes the Flash 2880px image width limitation, making it possible to use much wider images.
Easier hotspot definition
In addition to the ActionScript and XML options, hotspots can also be added using movie clips placed directly over the image. Animated movie clips may also be used.
CS3 style skinning
Skin the mouse cursor, preloader and full screen icons by simply double clicking on the component.
Mousewheel zooming
Zoom in and out of the image using the mouse scroll wheel.
Flash 360 pan viewer component
These screenshots show the parameters that can be set in the Component Inspector panels of both 360PanViewerPRO-AS2 and AS3.
Click to view
Macromedia Flash MX 2004, Flash 8, or Adobe Flash CS3/CS4/CS5 for authoring (Windows or Mac).
Movies using this component may be published for either Flash Player 7, 8, 9 or 10, ActionScript 2.0.
Note: The image distortion/displacement option will only work when publishing for Flash Player 8 or higher.

Adobe Flash CS3, CS4 or CS5 for authoring (Windows or Mac). Movies using this component may only be published for Flash Player 9 or 10, ActionScript 3.0.

AS2: $49.95 $24  |  Buy now          AS2+AS3: $79.95 $37  |  Buy now          AS2 to AS3 upgrade: $20 $10  |  Buy now
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